April-November 2017
Creative entrepreneurship is important for development of mid­sized cities, economic growth and sustainable development of communities, enhancement of civil society's management, fundraising and communication skills and to support root initiatives aiming at long­term social, economic and cultural wellbeing of communities.
Creative economy development is also an important component in the social reforms.
There are such priorities for creative economy:
- development of creative industries in collaboration with other sectors.
- networking of cultural organizations and creative hubs for the existence and support of creative entrepreneurs
- cultural research based on regional resources.
Workshop programme
Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Urban Development, Innovations and Technologies
1. First steps
Consultations and discussions about development of the cities as creative entrepreneurial spaces
2. Methodology
Meetings, panel discussion, research of experience, contest and hackathon, creative expeditions
3. Cities
Rivne, Krakow, Zlin, Budapest, Kosice
4. Stages
Joint meetings of creative clusters of Central Europe
Preparation of online education courses
Discussion of joint projects
Meetings with professionals
Hackathon Fest of creative entrepreneurship in Rivne
Creative Expedition to Central Europe
5. Identifying opportunities
Preparation of the joint projects for Creative Europe, Erasmus+, Horison2020 programs
6. Design thinking tools
idea generation, prototyping, UX research, strategic planning, scenario analysis,
Main project objective:
provide practical information and knowledge about the features of creative industries for educational institutions and public organizations through
communication with active leaders and innovators
support of international cooperation and teams for creative projects
search of innovative solutions and accelerating them using inspiration from events and mentoring
Conducting series of professional events dedicated to creative and cultural industries, media and digital communications. Innovation will be in creation of workshop course that wasn't taught in HEIs, there is also a need for such knowledge, in particular characteristics of international teams in the creative industries, the preparation of international cultural and creative projects, funding, product cycle.
Project involves a combination of knowledge and experience of creative industries in Europe – from the management of individual projects to creation of clusters, hubs, development of creative potential. Project includes preparation of professional information and workshops for humanitarian and technical specialties, involving information sharing of NGOs and businesses.

Regional relevance
V4 countries have different industrial structure and experiences in creative industries development. V4 is at an initial phase of support for creative industries, V4 states have some similarities, e.g. critical mass of the clusters, existence of a cooperative agreement, etc. Al though limitations in public support have been perceived and different sectors of creative industries develops in different countries. The largest number of creative clusters was established in 2011 in Poland. On the contrary, a decreasing trend is noted in Hungary where they dominate in Budapest . In Poland clusters are more spatially dispersed and are located in Wroclaw ­ Cracow and Poznan ­ Lodz ­ Warsaw ­ Lublin, concentrated mostly in populated areas. Creative clusters in Ukraine are not developed.

Work Packages

4 thematic 3-days meetings in Krakow (Poland), Zlín (Czech Republic), Bratislava (Slovakia), Pecs (Hungary) - April-June 2017


Hackathon of creative enterprises in Rivne - October 2017

Creative expedition of hackathon participants to project partners - October 2017

Preparation of a distance course on urban creative entrepreneurship - June-November 2017
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